Clinical Body Treatments


Karpati Clinical Body Treatments step up the traditional beauty protocols by embracing the latest in gold standard, cutting edge technological advancements to deliver noticeable results without invasive surgery, and are are highly sought-after procedures catering to the needs of Clients in order to improve overall health from within.

The latest Body-Reshaping Technology with Medical Grade devices developed to address specific concerns such as Circumferential ReductionToxin EliminationCelluliteSkin Laxity and Pocket Fat. A multitude of technological applications such as Vacuum Suction, Mechanical Stimulation, Radio Frequency RF, Infrared IR, Ultrasound, Heat, TECAR Therapy, and LED delivers noticeable results.

Non Invasive Clinical Body Treatments address concerns such as Stretch MarksBody Scars – including Post Surgical Scarring and long term Sun DamagePigmentation and Age Spots on the body for a noticeable improvement in Overall Aesthetic and Skin Health.

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