Pre / Post-Surgical

Pre / Post Surgical

Preparation for surgery is an important step towards a successful treatment and recovery.  Promotion of collagen synthesis prior to undergoing surgery will aid in a speedy recovery as well as diminished bruising and trauma.

Post-Surgical treatments by Ultrasound Technology promote healing of the skin tissue on the outer and inner layers by accelerating cell regeneration and strengthening the connective tissues in the skin. Micro-massage and vibrations through the Sonic Ultrasound waves promote oxygenation of the cells and blood flow which aids in healing by boosting the cell metabolic function.

Ultrasound is absolute essential for Pre-Aesthetic / Cosmetic Surgical Preparation.  Application to the treatment area one week prior ensures optimal skin recovery. The gentle sonic sound waves are the most advanced technological concept having a intensive deep restructuring treatment effect without any side effects after surgical trauma. Ultrasound treatment series one week after surgery aids in healing, intense lymphatic boost for faster recover  and restoration of dermal structure minimizing bruising and boosting skin repair.

The results speak for themselves and cannot be replicated by any other Device.


Treatments recommended Pre and Post Surgery
Ultrasound Local Dynamic Micro Massage LDM
Ultrasound / Phonophoresis


Clients are advised to schedule appointments in advance.



For Pre/Post Surgical