Eva Karpati

Skin Health Expert

I believe good skin reflects inner health and needs nurture, encouragement and care. I believe in a perfect harmony of science and nature. Over 30 years of hands-on passion has led me to discover the real way to nurture and protect skin is by looking after what you have, naturally….

Healthy skin begins on the inside. What we eat, drink, how often we exercise, genetics and overall lifestyle. The skin is the largest organ in our body and we only have one for a lifetime, so we need to take good care of it with professional attention and maintenance.

My treatments focus on treating the skin holistically and strengthening its resilience so that skin health is repaired, restored and reactivated, both internally and externally, by body’s natural healing mechanism for longer lasting results with minimal downtime and no side effects.

Adopting a natural approach to skin is not only in line with my European heritage, but also in my practices and philosophy, combining traditional techniques with clinical science to re-establish skin health and vitality in the most natural way.

With Love, Eva Karpati

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