Fotona 4D Men

Fotona 4D Men

Fotona4D®Men is an innovative form of laser skin resurfacing and rejuvenation tailored specifically for male skin.

Now more than ever, men are willing to enhance their appearance with rejuvenation treatments that help them maintain a young, fresh and healthy look. Since male skin is typically thicker than women’s (with larger pores, more hair and less subcutaneous fat), the four protocol steps in the Fotona4D®Men treatment have been optimised with scientifically proven laser parameters for achieving superior results in male skin.

With Fotona4D®Men there is no need for surgery, fillers or toxins. No downtime is required, and the results are immediate and long-term. What’s more, since there is no risk of hyperpigmentation, the procedure can be performed throughout the year.

Used to Treat: Skin Tightening, Ageing Skin, Sun Damaged Skin, Loss of Facial Volume, Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Feels Like: Each person is different, but you can expect minimal to no discomfort during the treatment.  This treatment can be done with no downtime, or there is an option to have a more intense peel (4: SupErficial™) which would have a 5 – 7 day downtime.

Time: 60 – 75mins

Price: View Pricelist for Treatment Area

Recommendations: 4 – 6 treatments, every 4 weeks

Treatment Process

Treatment Benefits

Protocol settings tailored specifically for men

Immediate freshness and tightness

More youthful and healthy skin

Natural-looking results


No downtime

Best possibilities for patients

Combining the four Fotona skin treatment modes of Dynamis gives the physician a new, powerful non-invasive treatment. Together these unique four laser modalities provide a full thickness penetration laser treatments that can really impress.”

Dr. M. C. Lee,

Can you imagine getting rid of the headache of the filler patients?

There is no more arguing about inequality of both sides of the face. There is no more arguing about bruising, there is no more talking about it didn’t last that long, there is no more saying, I doesn’t look like me,  there is no injecting of whatever material inside the skin and people being afraid and the regular complications… There is a regular complaint of every patient of the filler. Fotona4D® saved me all of this trouble, all of this headache. Now I don’t have to defend myself and defend the procedure. It’s very nice, very smooth, not painful and it does everything..”

Dr. Hasan El Fakahany,

The natural evolution towards more precise and less invasive treatments

With Fotona4D®, our patients now have a multi-dimensional choice of safe and effective treatment options for their aesthetic needs. The SmoothLiftin procedure is typically painless, not requiring anesthesia and with no or little downtime.”

Dr. A. Gaspar,

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