Discover effective solutions for Rosacea at Karpati Skin Clinic. Rosacea is a progressive inflammatory skin disease characterised by redness or pink flushing, dilated blood vessels, and small red bumps. Often mistaken for sensitive skin, Rosacea is influenced by various factors such as genetics, diet, sun exposure, and lifestyle.

Our expert team at Karpati Skin Clinic understands the complexities of Rosacea. Through personalised consultation, we create individualised programs to manage and treat this incurable condition. Our approach involves adapting factors, including diet, supplements, and targeted skin treatments. These aim to calm and soothe the affected area, strengthen the skin’s resilience, and enhance overall skin health.

Take control of your Rosacea journey with Karpati Skin Clinic. Book a consultation today for a customised plan that addresses your unique needs.


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