Textural Issues / Open Pores

Pores, essential openings in your skin, can become more noticeable, especially in individuals with oily or combination skin. This enlargement often stems from increased sebum (oil) production by sebaceous glands beneath the skin’s surface. Larger pores are susceptible to impurities like pollution, dead skin cells, makeup, and dirt, potentially leading to heightened acne concerns.

Karpati Skin Care Clinic specialises in addressing these issues through effective treatments. Thorough and regular deep pore cleansing, coupled with expert extractions, forms a key component of our solutions to minimise the appearance of large pores. Our tailored approach focuses on maintaining a healthy sebum balance, promoting overall skin well-being.
As skin ages, the size of pores tends to increase due to decreased elasticity. Sun damage exacerbates this by thickening the skin and causing cells to accumulate around pore edges, stretching them out.

Discover personalised solutions at Karpati Skin Care Clinic to manage and minimise enlarged pores. Our team is dedicated to providing effective treatments that address sebum balance and skin aging, ensuring optimal results for your skin. Schedule a consultation today for a comprehensive approach to achieving radiant and healthy skin.


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