Ultrasound/ Phonophoresis


Three frequencies of Ultrasound waves give a triple effect to comprehensibly treat the skin delivering advanced treatment outcomes.  Depending on frequency, intensity, time and mode, the Ultrasound Face Treatment can be used for almost all skin needs. This superior device uses high-frequency ultrasound with three different frequencies: 1 MHz, 3 MHz and 10 MHz. The corresponding frequencies are transmitted to the skin and act at different depths with different treatment benefits.

Ultrasound is an absolute essential for Pre-Aesthetic / Cosmetic Surgical Preparation. Application to the treatment area one week prior ensures optimal skin recovery.

The gentle sonic sound waves are the most advanced technological concept having a intensive deep restructuring treatment effect without any side effects after surgical trauma. The results speak for themselves and cannot be replicated or taken for granted.

Ultrasound treatment series one week after surgery aids in healing, intense lymphatic boost for faster recover  and restoration of dermal structure minimizing bruising and boosting skin repair.

Advanced ultrasound technology combined with inbuilt Local Dymanic Micro Massage (LDM) promotes advanced sonic Phonophoresis (intense infusion) of active substances, such as PLASMA, to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin due to improved diffusion from alternating ultrasound pressure. Maximum treatment benefits can be attained through the incorporation of Ultrasound technology.

Treatment Parameters include:-

Post Care of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

Pre and Post Care of Cosmetic Fillers and Injectables

Acne and Acne Scars

Skin Rejuvenation and Tightening.

Pore Refinement

Promotion of Collagen Synthesis

Reduction of Rosacea

Muscle Relaxation

Smoothing of Fine Lines & Wrinkles


Use To Treat: Intense Infusion of Serum (Phonophoresis), Scar Tissue,  Pre Surgical Preparation, Post Surgical Healing, Lymph Activation, Skin Regeneration,

Feels Like: A comfortable facial massage.  Conductive gel is applied as per all ultrasound treatments.

Time: Treatment times vary according to area to be treated and frequency applied.

Price: $175-$315

Recommendations: Depending on treatment type, a course of several treatments may be recommended. Your Therapist will advise. Packages available.


Clients are advised to schedule appointments in advance.