Ultrasound/ Phonophoresis

Ultrasound & Phonophoresis

Advanced Ultrasound Technology delivers 3 Frequency (1MHz, 3MHz, 10MHz) Ultrasound waves directly to the underlying tissue with Thermal, Mechanical and Biological effects to stimulate blood flow, activate cell metabolism and improve oxygen supply for the face and body. Highly recommended Pre and Post-Surgical Treatment to rejuvenate the skin, promote healing and repair as well as Lymphatic activation for faster rejuvenation and improvement of skin laxity.

Used to Treat: Post Care of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, Pre and Post Care of Cosmetic Fillers and Injectables, Acne and Acne Scars, Skin Rejuvenation and Tightening, Pore Refinement, Promotion of Collagen Synthesis, Reduction of Rosacea, Muscle Relaxation, Smoothing of Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Feels Like: A comfortable facial massage.  Conductive gel is applied as per all ultrasound treatments.

Time: 10mins – 30mins depending on treatment

Price: $315

Recommendations: Depending on treatment type, a course of several treatments may be recommended. Your Therapist will advise. Packages available.

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