Collagen Induction Therapy or as it is more commonly known – Micro-needling has been around for a while now and for good reason. Collagen Induction Therapy can help to treat Melasma, minimize the effects of ageing (collagen yay!), treat Acne and Scarring all in about 4 to 6 treatments! Collagen Induction Therapy creates thousands of micro-injuries in the skin, similar to tiny pin pricks to stimulate the skins natural healing processes.  This process causes your
STRESS – DO’S & DON’TS Fighting Stress Related Skin Woe’s Beating Stressed Skin in times of COVID-19   We all know that stress can have negative impacts on our skin, often resulting in breakouts, dullness, flaky, red, angry or tired skin. At the moment everyone is more than a little stressed, thanks COVID-19! Thankfully there are a few things we can do to help. DON’T SQUEEZE BREAKOUTS!!! Hormones play a big part in how are
Self Care at Home
Taking Time Out for Yourself Self Care During Isolation ME TIME with KARPATI MASKS I’m sure that you have all seen all of the many articles on self care and seen everyone you follow talking about it.  However, it is so important as ‘self care’ is all about taking care of YOU.  There’s only one of you after all. Interesting fact is that 1 in 5 Australians suffer from mental health issues. When you hear
Immunity Booster
Boosting Your Skin Immunity Strengthen Skin from the Inside Out Top Picks for a Strong Immune System BY KARPATI SKIN CLINIC SENIOR THERAPIST, ILENIA   Our immune system helps fight and protect the body from disease and illness. These days more than ever it is crucial to boost its function by getting lots of vegetables, fruit full of oxidants, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep. But how about your Skin? Your skin often
Air Pollution Sydney
Air Pollution and Your Skin How Air Quality Effects Your Skin Skin Saviors for a Hazy Summer   Normally this time of year we would post about skincare for the party season… this year however, the focus is on protecting our skin from the immediate environment. Our hearts go out to the people who have lost their homes and to the brave men and women on the front line battling the bush fires that continue

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