Cosmelan Treatment

Cosmelan Treatment

Cosmelan® is a proven, professional method that fully removes hyperpigmentation, Melasma and spots caused from sun damage, whilst preventing their reappearance for beautiful long-term outcomes.

Reduce the appearance of pigmentation by up to 95%
The Cosmelan Method comprehensively targets, treats and reduces pigmentation with a unique, two-part action. Firstly, the professional treatment regulates the source of pigmentation and targets the existing melanin formed. Step 2, Cosmelan helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots, blemishes and pigmentation irregularities and stop them from returning.

Karpati’s Cosmelan Pigmentation Program comprises of an in-clinic treatment, followed by seven months of dedicated at-home application and skin care. Each step is key to fully and effectively treating all pigmentation concerns. Following a complimentary in-depth skin analysis and consultation with our dermal experts, you can commence your Cosmelan journey.

This world-leading formula has been demonstrated to achieve incredible results worldwide – proving effective on ALL skin Fitzpatrick types!

If you have wanted to reduce and prevent your facial pigmentation, restore smoothness and return luminosity to your skin, this treatment is for you.

Karpati Cosmelan Program

– Professional Cosmelan Mask Application

– Homecare kit with retail products

Step 1: Preparation
[2 weeks prior] As a preparation for your Cosmelan treatment, you will have a mini facial performed as a brightening and decongesting treatment. This is to ensure the best dermal environment for application of the Cosmelan Peel. Please note that this facial is not included in the Cosmelan cost and is an additional $275.

Step 2: Cosmelan in clinic professional treatment
[Day of treatment] Cosmelan Professional Mask is applied in clinic and removed at home between 8-12 hours later, as instructed by your dermal technician. Recovery product application follows in the next step.

Step 4: At-Home Aftercare
[3 Days Post Cosmelan Peel ] Depigmentation continues with at-home application of the homecare pack, included in your Cosmelan Professional Peel. Detailed, step-by-step instructions are provided to complete this step. Usage of these aftercare products continues for 6 months after your professional peel.


Cosmelan Preparation Lactic Peel 30mins

Cosmelan In-Clinic Treatment 30mins


Cosmelan Preparation Lactic Peel $275

Cosmelan In-Clinic Treatment $1650

Suitable for: All Skin Types


[At 2 – 6 weeks] – PRGF Phonophoresis Facial $950.

[At 8 – 12 weeks] – At 12 weeks you can have your cosmetic injectable treatments resumed.

Begin a series of three Plasma PRGF Micro-needling OR Neogen Phonophoresis sessions (Collagen Induction Therapy) $3200 For 3 sessions.

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