Pigmentation is caused by an increase in melanin on the skin and an increase in the number of melanocytes (pigment-producing cells). Exposure to UV rays can increase the melanin and cause brown spots/pigmentation to appear.  Melanin pigment can be found in the epidermis and deeper in the dermis as well.  Treatment for pigmented skin can be at varying depths and intensities.

Whitening treatments and glycolic help exfoliate the uppermost layers of skin to reveal a more uniform colour and texture.

The exfoliation and skin renewal benefits of micro-needling assist in treating pigment, revealing fresh new skin beneath.

Pigmentation can also be treated by a series of Intense Pulse Light treatments as the light breaks down pigmented skin and fragmenting the melanin pigment.

The latest technology in treating pigmentation is NEOGEN Nitrogen Plasma. The medical-grade plasma energy irradiates the pigmented skin via thermal energy. The pigmented skin denatures and sheds with little to no downtime.

Sun exposure limitations apply to all treatments.


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