Karpati Signature Body Exfoliation

Awaken your senses with our very own Karpati Signature Body Exfoliation. Our natural Juniper Berry Detoxifying Powder moistens on touch to give a hydrating effect ensuring long lasting suppleness with improved skin tone and texture whilst exfoliating away built up toxins in your skin. This amazing powder detoxifies the body, regenerating dead skin cells, which will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized and rejuvenated.

Time: 45 mins

Price: $155


Body Softening

Karpati signature exfoliation perfectly paired with our softening treatment will leave you wanting more. Detoxing and exfoliating your body following a luxurious massage with tailor made lotion best suited for your skin to leave you with a glow and buttery like feel.

Actions: Karpati Signature Full Body Exfoliation, Softening Massage

Time: 60mins

Price: $225


Karpati Signature Back Treatment

Decongesting the skin on your back from any impurities with deep cleansing, AHA and gentle extractions followed by a purifying mask. On completion, the treatment area is treated with High frequency. If you suffer from breakouts on your back this would be the perfect treatment for you to give your back some TLC that it needs.

Actions: Cleansing, Soft Steam, AHA or Exfoliation, Gentle Extractions, Purifying Mask, High Frequency

Time: 60mins

Price: $285

Add-On: LED Therapy for optimal results.



Clients are advised to schedule appointments in advance.



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