Pocket Fat

Fat is an essential macro-nutrient of the body. A certain amount of body fat is needed to protect our health as well as supplying a reservoir of energy for performing various body functions. However excess fat can be an indication of an unhealthy lifestyle and can affect overall well-being. Where fat is distributed within the body depends on a few factors such as gender, genetics and hormones. Subcutaneous fat (that fat between muscles and skin) can accumulate in certain areas (pockets) and be difficult to shed through conventional diet and exercise. Genetics plays a large role in why some people store more fat in certain parts of the body regardless of whether they are overweight or not.

In order to reduce Pocket Fat, in addition to conventional weight loss and weight management process, the fat must be displaced and the fat cells destroyed. This disruption of fat cells can be attained through ultrasound technology targeting the problem areas as well as the application of intensive heat and mechanical dislodgement.


Treatments recommended for Pocket Fat
Fat Cavitation
Ultrasound Local Dynamic Micro Massage LDM


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For Pocket Fat