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VelaShape III


VelaShape III combines Heat, Vacuum Suction, Infra-Red (IR) light, RF (Radio Frequency) to cause deep heating of the fat cells, their surrounding connective tissue and underlying dermal collagen fibres. The growth of new and better collagen and elastin is stimulated and this results in a localised reduction of volume and laxity as well as an overall improvement in skin structure and texture.
VelaShape III treatments assist in body reshaping and localised circumferential reduction and is especially effective on stubborn pocket fat and regaining skin suppleness and firmness post-partum.


Use to treat: Circumferential Reduction, Pocket Fat, Cellulite, Re-shaping, Loose Skin, Firming.

Time: Between 20-40 mins depending on area size to be treated

Price: For intensive treatment of desired area, $275 per 20 minutes (treating area the size of an ipad). Brazilian Bum Lift  30 minute intensive session $375 (recommended 3 sessions).  Non-intensive overall treatment $475 per 40 minutes.

Feels like: A warm deep tissue massage. The treated area is heated and may continue to feel warm appear pink in colour for a few hours post treatment. The Brazilian Bum Lift is an intense treatment on a localized area with possible bruising for a few days resulting with in  a more lifted and smoother skin texture.

Recommendation: For optimum results, multiple sessions are recommended until desired results are attained.

Packages: Available upon consultation


Clients are advised to schedule appointments in advance.



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