At First Glance – What Skin Experts See When They Look At You.


At First Glance – What Skin Experts See When They Look At You.

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At First Glance

What Skin Expert’s See When They Look at You

Skin Experts view skin differently to us.

Here’s what a Skin Expert see’s in skin.

To a Skin Expert, skin tells a very unique story about a person’ internal and external history.

At first glance, a Skin Expert will look for what stands out the most; whether it be redness, congestion, dry skin, dark circles, hormonal spots, sun damage, poor texture etc. These indications will give the skin expert an idea as to the lifestyle the person has and is the first part in mapping out the skin. A skin expert will then feel the skin for uneven texture, dryness, oil patches, congestion, blocked pores, bumps under the skin, fat deposits and roughness. As the skin mirrors the internal, skin can tell a lot about whats going on inside the body.

Everything is connected to the story of self, like a web…

There is no cookie cutter approach to diagnosing skin. Like DNA differs, everyone’s skin is different. There is a need to cater to skin on an individualized basis. That’s where the depth of knowledge of the professional comes in handy.

A Skin Expert is able to determine the underlying causes and treat skin on an individual basis taking into consideration age, genetics, sun exposure, environmental stressors, diet and a whole range of additional factors.

They will advise on the changes that need to be made holistically for skin health to be optimized from within.

Having a holistic approach means that your skin expert will go beyond recommending a serum or cleanser. The skin treatment begins internally.  Their advice may include changes to diet such as cutting down on sugars or dairy or taking supplements such as Vitamin C for skin repair, Probiotics for gut health or Silicea to repair connective tissue.

Skin is the largest organ and is with us for life.  An individualized plan will be devised that may include Signature Treatments, Specialist Treatments or  Clinical Treatments or a bespoke combination of all three,  as well as home care for the best possible outcome.

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