Acne skin has visible pores, dull complexion, uneven skin, whiteheads and blackheads (Acne). Acne can take many forms and is as a result of the clogged hair follicle that becomes infected. There are many reasons for this clogging and congestion such as hormones, diet, excess sebum production, exposure to bacteria and toxins as well as inflammation. As the infection deepens and pressure grows behind this clog, a pus-filled bump forms on top of your skin. This is typically presented as acne known as a whitehead.

Also known as open comedones, blackheads are actually small plugs that seal the pores. Pollution, dirt, bacteria and excess sebum production are often culprits in the formation of blackheads.

Regular facials and thorough skin cleansing regimen is vital in maintaining healthy sebum levels and preventing acne.

Low Energy NEOGEN Nitrogen Plasma treatments help eliminate the bacteria in acne prone skin. The medical grade Nitrogn Plasma energy purges the oxygen from the skin, making it impossible for bacteria to thrive.


Treatments recommended for Acne Skin
Signature Cleansing Extraction Facial
AHA Resurfacing Facial
Mineral Rich Detox Facial
LED Light Therapy
Ultrasound / Phonophoresis
NEOGEN Nitrogen Plasma


Clients are advised to schedule appointments in advance.


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