Texture Improvement

Uneven skin texture is due to a number of factors including skin dehydration, sun exposure, enlarged pores, lack of exfoliation and chronological ageing.  A thorough exfoliation and at home skin maintenance assists in maintaining healthy skin texture.  Texture improvement through exfoliation of dead skin cells can be attained several ways, through exfoliation by peels, facials, oxygenation, micro-needling and Intense Pulsed Light.

The latest method in texture improvement is with several low energy ‘Plasma Facials’ with the NEOGEN Nitrogen Plasma System. The low energy treatments have no downtime and provide a gentle revitalization of the upper layers of the skin to improve texture and skin quality.

At the deeper levels, your body’s own Plasma Rich in Growth Factors coupled with Meso and Ultrasound delivery leads to a significant improvement in skin texture by causation of micro injury encouraging the body’s natural healing process to rebuild the treated tissue with new collagen and elastin for and smoother texture and youthful-looking skin.



Treatments Recommended for Texture Improvement
Signature Cleansing Extraction Facial
AHA Resurfacing Facial
Collagen Induction Therapy
NEOGEN Nitrogen Plasma
Photo Rejuvenation IPL
Fractional Laser FX


Clients are advised to schedule appointments in advance.



For Texture Improvement