Stress and Your Skin



Stress and Your Skin

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Fighting Stress Related Skin Woe’s

Beating Stressed Skin in times of COVID-19


We all know that stress can have negative impacts on our skin, often resulting in breakouts, dullness, flaky, red, angry or tired skin. At the moment everyone is more than a little stressed, thanks COVID-19! Thankfully there are a few things we can do to help.


Hormones play a big part in how are skin reacts. Cortisol, the stress hormone, is currently having a whale of a time with all our skin. Excess cortisol results in your skin producing more sebum than normal, which means clogged pores, inflammation and breakouts.

It is of upmost importance not to squeeze these breakouts. Just let them be. You’re in isolation, so no need to worry about who is going to see you.

If you do squeeze you can end up rupturing the barrier resulting in an open pore and even worse the pressure you exert on the skin when squeezing can result in you breaking the follicle wall, pushing it deeper into the skin and spreading it further which means you will wake up the next day with an entire family of pimples, or worse, scarring.

Karpati has a miracle overnight spot treatment that you should use instead. You can buy it here.  As soon as we reopen you can come on in and we can extract those little guys in a safe and sterile environment.

BHA Healing Lotion
Use this Lotion overnight to clear breakouts



Our body has its own detoxification pathway, the lymphatic system, which requires a pump as such to keep working. This happens via movement.

As everyone is currently working from home, there’s lots of sitting and no moving, so our lymphatic system tends to become sluggish and slow, resulting in a build up of toxins which results in dull, inflamed, congested skin.

This is an easy fix, just 30 mins of walking a day can assist in activating your lymphatic system and is great for your mind too!


Excess stress also causes us to reach for the sugar. STOP!

As well as ageing our skin, sugary foods can have a negative impact on our gut health.

The best way to help our skin and gut is to eat a plant based diet and minimise the refined sugar and carbohydrates.

Drinking 2-3 litres of water a day will also help with elimination pathways.

Supplements such as Lactis help your skins immunity and gut balance.


Remember to ALWAYS take time out for yourself.  Your appointments at the clinic were your way of practicing self love and care. As we are closed at the moment, we urge our clients to continue this practice at home. Whilst exact replication of a therapists touch is not possible at home, you can certainly experience the benefits of skincare made with love to nurture and strengthen your skin. As mornings can be hectic, a regular night time skin regimen is a fabulous way to claim some much needed ‘me time’. Check out Stephanie’s Skin Care Routine with the Galavic Infuser here.


Remember, we are available at anytime to help you with your skin inquiries so please do give us a call on the number below and we can talk through the best home care for you!


Stay Safe xxoo




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