Self Care with Karpati Bio Cellulose Masks

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Self Care with Karpati Bio Cellulose Masks

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Taking Time Out for Yourself

Self Care During Isolation


I’m sure that you have all seen all of the many articles on self care and seen everyone you follow talking about it.  However, it is so important as ‘self care’ is all about taking care of YOU.  There’s only one of you after all.

Interesting fact is that 1 in 5 Australians suffer from mental health issues. When you hear that statistic, you realize that taking a little more time out for yourself is not such a bad thing.

What is so great about being stuck at home during isolation and lock down is that you have the time to start establishing routines which include time out dedicated to ‘self care’. It takes 14 days to make a habit and getting into the habit of giving back to yourself is something that will help keep you healthy and happy.

Possibly the easiest way to start is the weekly application of a face mask.

We’ve made our in-clinic face masks available for you to use at home!

So here’s our guide on how to best perform your self-care routine with the Karpati Bio Cellulose Masks

Self-Care Routine

Before you start, make sure you set the mood. Put on some music, adjust the lighting and turn your phone on Do Not Disturb mode. The whole routine will take 20-30 minutes. Rest assure, anything urgent can wait. This is YOU time, and it is IMPORTANT.

Step 1 – Cleanse your skin – I recommend the Marine Stem Cell Cleansing Milk, deeply cleanses and purifies your skin.

Step 2– Exfoliate – Marine Enzyme Peeling Gel – make sure you start on a dry face, massage it on and you will actually see all of the dead skin cells starting to ball up. Once you’re satisfied and nothing more is balling up, splash it off.

Step 3 – Mask – now there are 3 options;

Bio-Cellulose Anti-Age Mask – immediate long lasting moisturisation, wrinkles visibly smoothed away

Bio-Cellulose Sensitive Mask – strengthens fragile and damaged skins, resulting in a more even toned appearance and more comfortable skin.

Bio-Cellulose Lightening Mask – minimizes formation of brown spots due to sun exposure/trauma to the skin resulting in brighter, softer, more luminous skin.

Apply the most suitable mask to your face. There is plenty of serum left in the packet. You can use some of that serum over your neck and decolletage.

Step 4 – Next, lay down and cover your eyes with the mask. This is now YOUR TIME to relax.

Each of these masks you will leave on for 20-25 minutes. If you happen to have a little snooze and go over that time, then that is OK. The beautiful thing with these masks is that, like all Karpati products,  they’re petrochemical free with a no-nasties, natural formula.

Step 5 – Remove the mask, massage in any excess and use the remaining serum in the packet over the skin if desired.

This is a great habit to form as it will help restore your skin and mind during these unprecedented times.

Until we are re-open, will be focusing our upcoming blogs on looking after yourself and the things you can do to help maintain your skin and practice self care at home.

Remember, our online store is open and our phones have been diverted so someone will always answer if you need expert advice on skincare products.

Stay Strong, Safe and Healthy.




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