Best Treatment for Skin Tightening


Best Treatment for Skin Tightening

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Tighten Loose Skin with HIFU

Combat Sagging Skin without Surgery

Our Top Treatment for Skin Tightening


With age comes loss of elasticity.  Your skin health may be optimal, but there is no fighting the ravages of time. Fact is as we age, our skin begins to sag.

Treating loss of elasticity and sagging skin with HIFU is one of the most effective ways of attaining facelift-like results without a visit to the operating theatre.

Sagging skin around the jawline, nasal lobes, chin, neck and sides of face can be treated naturally from within, using your body’s own healing mechanism.

So, what is HIFU exactly? Well, HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. Broadly speaking , a conventional Ultrasound works by using sound-waves that penetrate through the skin.  These sound-waves then bounce back off the organ or tissue they hit – this bounce back is then interpreted by a computer into an image for diagnosis. With HIFU however, the Ultrasound waves are focused (in a way similar to sunlight through a magnifying glass) and are used to cause an ablation via heat to the tissue to cause thermal damage. The tissue is heated via sound waves in a focused manner so that surrounding tissue remains undamaged. The energy penetrates at a depth of 2mm-5mm reaching the deep dermis and the superficial muscular aperneurotic layer (SMAS layer) casuing a microinjury to these layers (similar to fractional laser, only deeper).

By casuing a micro-injury to these layers, collagen and elastin fibres are stimulated and work to repair the tissue from within naturally. As this remodelling takes place within the deep dermis and SMAS layer, old collagen is replaced with new, and gradual tightening and lifting of the skin occurs over the next 2-3 months with improvements continuing for up to 6 months post treatment!

During the treatment, you will be able to perceive the ultrasound energy being delivered into the skin. The treatment is relativley painless with minimal discomfort. There is no damage to the outer-layer of the skin whatsoever.  Makeup can be applied after the treatment and normal activities can be resumed. This means there is no downtime or recovery period post treatment allowing you to return to work immediatley afterwards.

We at Karpati Skin Clinic have seen incredible results with HIFU. We take a photo on your phone prior to the treatment so you have a record of how your skin appeared before HIFU. Clients are always amazed with the treatment outcomes when they look back 2-3 months post treatment. The improvements noticeable and natural, with people complimenting on their appearance but unable to pinpoint anything that looks “done”. It is these natural results that our clinic aims to deliver and with HIFU, it certainly does!

Typically we recommend treatment every 6 months, however, depending on individual factors such as age and degree of skin tightening required, treatment intervals of 3-5 months may be required.

 High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, the path to a facelift without surgery!

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Shibani Dandekar

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Wonderful Article!!!! I am planning to get a face lift done and my dermatologist recommended to get a HIFU facelift treatment thus, i have been reading regarding the same. This article was helpful. Thanks.

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