Benefits of Gut Health on the Skin

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Benefits of Gut Health on the Skin

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Linking Good Skin to Good Gut Health

Enhancing Skin Care from the Inside Out

Lactis, the latest generation of fermented supplements for microbiota balance


In the past decade, there have been an influx of substantial evidence linking gut health to healthy looking skin. The relationship of the gut microbiota and its potential role of influencing the skin microbiome is now vital to any skincare regimen.

Lactis is a 16 strain lacto-fermented supplement and the latest generation of functional ingredients that have a direct effect on the gut-skin axis. The gut microbiota has a pivotal role of impacting the skin and there are distinct qualities of Lactis that separate it from the rest of the common products flooding the market: The advanced multi-strain fermentation technology and the direct functional health effects on both the gut and skin.

 Lactis, advanced 16 strain lacto-fermentation…

The Lactis fermentation concept follows nature’s example, where many bacteria species are cultured together (co-culture) and only the strongest survive.

Lactis is produced with 16 high strength species of Lactic Acid Bacteria selected during 100 years of research. These strains are fermented for one full year.

Fermentation is by a plant-based culture and DNA analysed throughout the process to ensure the Lactobacillus is of an impeccable high standard.

In comparison, general commercial yogurt fermentation period is approximately 4~24hrs of culturing with 2 or more strains of food grade bacterium.

Gut balance for healthy looking skin…

There are many cosmetic products that can be applied on the surface of the skin to improve its texture and radiance. To complement your other skin treatments, eat a healthy diet and use supplementation to maintain the gut microbiota balance to enhance skincare from the inside out.

Recent research has indicated that a vast biodiversity of the gut microbiota is linked to general health and wellbeing. An unhealthy bowel can lead to toxin build up that will eventually penetrate the intestinal walls (mucosa layer) and circulate around the body. Toxicity can lead to visually poor skin conditions such as acne, dry skin, breakdown of collagen and increase the aging effect.

A healthy bowel with a bio-diverse microbiota enhances bacteria fermentation of indigestible fibres (bacteria food source), synthesis vitamins in the K and B group for cellular energy and improved water absorption. A balance of the good bugs contributes to regular bowel movements, expel waste, reduce the possibility of toxin build up and results in healthy looking skin.

Lactis achieves digestive balance from its key ingredient, ‘Lactobacillus metabolites’.

Everyone has a complex microbiota that is unique since birth. By improving your indigenous gut flora, it is possible to have a more profound health effect. Consuming Lactobacillus metabolites helps to activate the growth of the existing good bacteria in your gut. The metabolites contain antimicrobial peptides that are powerful inhibitors of bad bacteria and help suppress its overgrowth. Lactis 16 strain lacto-fermentation is a potent solution to remodel your gut flora.

 Lactobacillus metabolites and fermented peptides direct effect on skin health

You may have opened a Lactis sachet, mixed it with up to a glass of water and noticed the transparency. The transparent characteristics of Lactis is due to the high purity Nano compounds extracted from the fermentation culture which are naked to the human eye. The fermented peptides are easily absorbed in the gut and elicit a cellular response within your skin layers.

Recent research has indicated that the functions of Lactobacillus metabolite have skin rejuvenating properties and preserve skin moisture. Peptidoglycan (PG) is another compound contained in Lactis, which has an important role of supporting skin immunity. There is evidence to suggest PG modulates the immune system or regulate IgE antibodies and may help with skin allergies such as eczema/atopy, rashes or inflammation.

Lactis is the only supplement in Australia that offers the unique combination of fermented by-products containing Lactobacillus metabolites and bioactive peptides, for the health of the gut-skin axis. The ingredients are food based, all natural and produced with strictly no synthetic agriculture chemicals or fertilisers.

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