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Combined Treatments

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Combination Treatments

Achieve the Best Treatment Outcomes

A Multi-Tech Approach to Your Best Skin


The days of one treatment per visit are officially over.

As lives get busier and time becomes more precious, it is imperative that treatments give the best results possible.  There is yet to be a single modality that ‘does it all’ for every type of skin, therefore to really get the most of your treatments, combining technologies and bespoke combination treatments are by far the best ways to maximize results.

Combination treatments are very specific to the clients desired treatment outcome, skin type, age and lifestyle. Skin therapists are well versed and experts on the technology offered and their clients skin needs.

“The days of the single modality are officially over.” says Skin Expert Eva Karpati. “You have to take advantage of the advanced technologies available to really get the best treatment outcome.”An example of this is the LED Light Therapy post facial to maximize the benefits of the facial, boost the circulatory system and promote further repair of the skin.  Or the Ultrasound LDM Phonophoresis to help infuse serums into the skin.”

Advanced clinical treatments have in the past been perceived as stand-alone visits. “This is not the case anymore.” says Eva. “The approach of aggressively treating and terrorizing skin so that clients can ‘perceive value’ is irresponsible and dangerous. Not only is the skin barrier weakened, results are compromised with too many factors such as sun expose, lifestyle and infection that come from aggressive treatments.  Taking a sensible approach by combining treatments each aimed specifically at treating the skin at each level will by far give more superior treatment outcomes in the long run.”

An example of this was the combination of Micro-Needling Stem Cell Meso-Therapy with LED Light Therapy followed by Phonophoresis on a patients neck. The results after each session allowed her to continue with day to day activities with no downtime.  The LED Light Therapy promoted activation of lymphatic function and accelerated healing of the skin and the Ultrasound LDM Phonophoresis  provided the deep infusion of the Stem Cells and Ultrasound LDM (Localised Dynamic Massage) to the treatment area to help strengthen the skin cell matrix, tightening the skin over time.  The results, pictured below, were achieved in under a year, gradually, with no adverse effects or trauma. The patients neck looks significantly younger and healthier with no surgery or noticeable downtime.

To clients, technology may seem daunting and knowing what to book in for is confusing, but that is where trust in your skin therapists approach is key.

Skin therapists know their devices and how to combine them for the best outcome. As a client, being open to using different modalities and commitment to the treatment plan your therapist devises ensures the best results are achieved without any adverse risk.


RESULTS IN 8 MONTH Combination of Micro-Needling, LED and Ultrasound Phonophoresis


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These posts are inspired by Eva and written by Catia and the talented team of Skin Experts at Karpati Skin Clinic... We love to share our knowledge, skills and ideas with you xxoo

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