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Christines Treatments for your best skin

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Meet Karpati senior therapist Christine.  A dedicated mother to 3 sons, Christine has over 35 years experience working as a skin therapist and has been part of the Karpati team for 5 years. Today, in her own words, she discusses her favourite treatments and the benefits they bring to her clients.


One of my specialties is body, shoulder and back massage. A pressure massage that focuses on the buildup of stress and muscle tension in all areas around the neck shoulders and across the back. I try to encourage relaxation, relieve stress, improve circulation and relax muscles, with the help of the purest forms of magnesium.

Ultrasound / Phonophoresis

This treatment  helps turn back time and prevents skin inflammation.  Skin loses its elasticity and cell structure as we age, which in turn results in sagging and wrinkles. We have to address the issues of an balance of the skin- UV damage, stress, pollution etc…basically the degradation of connective issues. This treatment helps to assist the connective tissue to stay firm, hydrated and UV free on the face, neck and décolletage. The way this is done is by the sonotrode (ultrasound frequencies). This instrument is moved very slowly in a clockwise direction and back again this is repeated 7-10 times across area that we are treating.

The ultrasound waves have the benefit of  stimulating connective tissue, which helps with firming and plumping effects as well as repairing damaged tissue which helps improve in skin inflammation.  The Local Dynamic Massage (LDM) caused by the vibration of the ultrasound at different frequencies helps with regulating collagen metabolism and collagen synthesis which can assist with scarring and wrinkle reduction.

Karpati’s Anti-Aging Facials

All my facials are individually customized to suit my client’s individual skin needs. Generally speaking, anti-aging facials include a variety of treatments performed to attain the best results long term. There are a variety of steps of a basic facial, but we target ageing or mature skins needs specifically in an anti-aging facial.  As we age we loose collagen for the thickness and plump appearance and elastin for elasticity. A fruit acid or herbal peel helps give the skin giving a smoother texture. Serums like an antioxidant like vitamin C or hyaluronic acid which help in hydration may also be added for an extra boosting effect.  An energising oxygen exfoliation helps with the stimulating the skin at a cellular level and ensuring all the good nutrients are delivered during the facial. Clients see and feel an instant outcome. I highly recommend to finish any Anti-Age treatment with LED for plumping and smoothing and to help cellular growth, lighten pigment, minimize lines and aid in skin renewal.

Long term results do not come overnight, but with a proper care and commitment to regular treatments you will slow down the effects of time on your skin and see amazing results.

I recommend setting aside 3 hours as a treat for yourself and booking all three treatments in at once for a truly blissful pampering session that will rejuvenate your skin and leave you looking and feeling great!




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