Plasma Treatment for Hair Loss

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Plasma Treatment for Hair Loss

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Using Your Own Plasma Rich in Growth Factors to Treat Hair Loss

Re-Grow Your Hair Naturally

Hair loss can be treated naturally using your body’s own growth factors!

Our bodies our amazing vessels of growth and regeneration. In fact, our blood contains the plasma required for cell renewal. Often in medical and dental procedures, Doctors will use plasma for tissue renewal, growth and cell regeneration. This is because our plasma contains growth factors. Growth Factors assist in cell regeneration.

Growth factors are proteins produced by the human body, they are biological mediators regulating essential functions in regeneration and tissue repair. They are produced inside many body cells and tissues. Blood plasma and blood platelets are carriers of these growth factors.

Androgenetic alopecia, known as baldness is the most common cause of hair loss in both men and women. Its main cause is genetic.

We at Karpati Skin Clinic have seen remarkable results in hair regeneration using Plasma Rich in Growth Factors.  By using a patient’s own growth factors in treating hair loss, there is no risk of adverse reaction or rejection. The treatment is 100% natural, safe and effective with no side effects.

Previous treatments for hair loss available on the market had significant side effects such as dizziness, swelling, loss of libido and pigment changes.

PRGF treatment has no side effects and hair growth is produced directly in area of application, making it a safe, reliable and efficient.

We recommend treating the area a minimum of 3 times spaced at two week intervals.  Hair growth is noticeable via new follicles formed in the area as well as significant and noticeable thickening of existing follicles.

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