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Green Beauty


Eva Karpati on Green Beauty

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Green Beauty

Why We Need to Think Green When it comes to Skincare

Green Beauty: Plant-based, environmentally responsible and safe to use.

By Eva Karpati

When it comes to our health and our planet, there really can be no room for compromise. The resources exist to allow us to choose what we put into our bodies and we need to be mindful in our choices. Beauty should be green.

When I first started developing skincare, I was faced with decisions on what I wanted my products to contain and how I wanted my products to perform. I saw this as an opportunity to educate and empower my clients to make the right decisions when it comes to their skin health.

All my products are plant based and free of petrochemicals, sulphates, parabens and nasty irritants, such as essential oils. These are unnecessary in skincare and harmful to our planet. When I look at ingredients for skincare, I look to what’s available in nature, plant based, skin friendly and sustainable in the long term.

Looking at plant-based ingredients and the human body ties in one element that is critical in existence: water.  The human body is made of two-thirds water. Co-incidentally, the sea covers two thirds of our planet.

Incredible benefits can be found in the marine plant environment. Seaweeds, algae and marine plant life that naturally grows and renews itself in seawater and coastal environments are great examples of survival and regeneration as these marine organisms adapt to their surroundings in varying climatic conditions. The nutrition found in these plants are of the highest quality and seawater itself is extremely rich in minerals that are essential to our bodies and almost identical to our blood plasma and intercellular fluid. The stem cells found in plants are responsible for growth and renewal and assist the metabolic adaptation to external stressors. Immediately I knew my products must be marine plant based. Karpati Skincare products contain high quality natural marine plant and actives rich in minerals, proteins, vitamins and stem cells. All these ingredients are sourced ethically, with minimal impact on our environment, delivering maximum benefits to our skin.

These products are incorporated into the treatments I perform at my Clinic. All the Signature Facials and Specialist Treatments and some of the Body Treatments such as the Algo Marine Body Wrap adopt the Green Beauty Concept. I also stress that Client’s adopt a Green Beauty approach in their home care, with the Marine Polishing Enzyme Powder and the Marine Stem Cell Repair Serum being the starting point to optimum skin health maintenance.

By adopting a green approach to beauty, we make sure we are delivering the highest quality nutrients to our skin for the best long term results in Skin Health.


With Love xx Eva


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