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Facialist Tools

Gadgets, Devices and Contraptions

The Tools Your Facialist Can’t Live Without

Here’s a guide to the Facialist Tools that Skin Experts Swear By.

facialist tools

Ever walked into a facial room and seen the numerous strange looking devices and wondered “whats that for”?

A Facialists bench with all its strange gadgets, devices and contraptions looks very different to our beauty benches as home. We look at facialist must-have tools to discover how and why they are used in a facial.

Facial Steamer 

Facial steamers are essential to a good facial. All facialsts use a steamer in their facials and often, a facial cannot proceed without one. In fact, all Karpati Signature Facials use steamers to prepare the skin. Steam is generated by water and some steamers such as the Ionto Steamers by Costec (made in Germany) can be infused with aromatic herbs for therapeutic benefits. The steamer has a long pipe that is placed 40-60cm away from your face and gently produces steam to help open the pores for treatment. Facial steaming is usually done at the start of the facial.

Facial Cleansing Brush

A Facial Cleansing  Brushing is used to assist with cleansing and exfoliation during a skin treatment. They are hand-held motorised brushes with bristles that rotate gently over the skin. Your therapist may use a cleansing brush with a cream cleanser or exfoliant on both your face and neck. A Facial Cleansing Brush helps remove excess sebum and compactions to assist in the removal of make-up and cleanse the skin thoroughly. When the brushing is combined with an abrasive scrub, such as the Micro Exfoliator Peeling by Medical Spirit of Beauty, it results in a mild but intensive exfoliation.  The motorised action feels like a massage on this skin this massage effect stimulates the circulation to create firmer and healthier looking skin.


Most skin care products just lay on the surface of the skin as the molecules of the ingredients are far too big to penetrate into the structure of the skin cells. A galvanic is used to help the active ingredients penetrate into the skin for better absorption and nutrition. A Galvanic device uses gentle galvanic currents of both positive and negative ions. The negative and positive ions attract each other (like a magnet) and push the product into the deeper layers of the skin to maximize cellular absorption of nutrients to the skin for a radiant complexion.  In addition, the skin will be completely cleansed as negative (-) ions draw out impurities held in the pores to the surface. At the same time, the positive (+) ions create an instantly luminous, smoother and more radiant skin. Some galvanic devices have rollers whilst others look like wands.  A treatment with the galvanic is pleasant with a massage effect over the skin during use. Karpati Signature Facials such as the Luminous Complexion Brightening FacialCellular Renew Anti Aging Facial and the Absolute Comfort Calming Facial all use galvanic infusion to enable deep penetration of active ingredients.

Vacuum Suction

Vacuum suction is commonly associated with body treatments such as LPG Endermologie but you can be sure your facialist also has the tools specific to incorporate vacuum suction as part of your facial treatment. The device pulsates and with a suction at different intensities and with a range of varying size suction cups for different parts of the face, body and even the eye area. The purpose of this device is primarily to boost the blood circulation and promote good flow of the lymphatic system via gentle massage. By activating the  red blood cells collagen formation is increased and promoted, giving the skin a healthier complexion. The lymphatic massage effect also does wonders for excess fluid retention and bloating giving skin a temporary lifting effect. Your facialist may also use the suction as part of the deep pore cleansing process. Vacuum suction in cleansing assists with loosening sebum and deep-seated impurities so they are transported to the skin’s surface and thus easier to remove. Treatment with vacuum suction feels like a deep massage and does wonders for relieving tension and reviving dull complexions.

High Frequency

This is the zappy thing that your facialist uses at the end of a facial.  High Frequency  promotes the blood circulation of the skin, helps close the pores and also has a disinfecting effect. It works by emitting a mild electrical current through the glass rods.  This current produces enriched oxygen molecules known as ozone. The ozone produces very gentle disinfection and prevents inflammation. The High Frequency rods come in different shapes and sizes to suit the different areas. The High Frequency rod is placed on the area immediately after the removal of skin impurities. As it helps contract the pores to prevent bacteria entering, High Frequency is also used for disinfection after hair removal.


When you see the strange tools, contraptions and devices facialists bench, relax and know that you are the hands of a professional armed with knowledge and the tools to effectivley treat your skin and give it a good workout.




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