Anti-Oxidants in Skincare

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Anti-Oxidants in Skincare

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Anti-Oxidants in Skincare

Repairing Free-Radical Damage

Why are Anti-Oxidants so Important?

Karpati Signature Facial Treatments are a great source of anti-oxidants! How you ask? Well, lets break down exactly what an anti oxidant does and why its so important in skincare…

What do Anti-Oxidants Do?

Anti-oxidants prevent the damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are chemicals resulting from chemical atoms that have been left with one electron in their outer shell, making them very reactive molecules. Free Radicals, with their one electron roam around the body like its a nightclub, seeking to pair up that electron and in doing so, cause damage.

The production of free radicals is a normal part of metabolism and plays an important part in killing foreign cells.

However, free radicals also attack healthy cells having a ‘knock on effect’, creating even more free radicals in the process. This attack on the cells causes a litany of issues, including the damage of skin cells.

The body’s natural defense against free radical damage is anti-oxidants.

Free radicals have one single electron.  Anti oxidants work by donating an electron to pair with the free radical’s sole electron, thus ending the destructive cycle of the free radical. Anti-oxidants are unique in that they can remain stable when they lose an electron. That’s why they’re crucial to repair function.

Where Can I find Anti-Oxidants?

Anti Oxidant rich vitamins such as A, C and E work in the skin to disable the free radicals.  Foods such as blueberries that contain high concentrations of these vitamins are heavily promoted as being a good source of anti-oxidants.  Green Tea is another great anti-oxidant. Having a healthy lifestyle with limited UV exposure and a diet of anti oxidant rich foods is a good way of fighting free radical damage to the body in the long term. Foods need to be digested and metabolized by the body and take a longer journey to reach the skin cells to repair free radical damage.

What is the best Anti-Oxidant for Skin?

Research has shown that one of most superior anti-oxidants on the planet are found in marine algae.

Algae sourced from the marine environment are unique to other forms of anti-oxidants. This is because the marine environment itself has exposed these organisms to extreme environmental conditions such as salt, UV irradiation, micro-nutrients and temperature. To survive, algae must rapidly adapt by producing a great variety of active biomolecules which cannot be found in any other organisms.  What makes algae unique is, despite the exposure to extreme conditions, they lack the oxidative damage in their structural components which indicates the strong protective anti-oxidant defense systems found in their cells.

By adding marine algae to skin care, you can directly deliver these strong anti-oxidants to the skin barrier where they’re needed most. The Karpati Natural Skin Care range’s marine concept is based on the strong nutrient, mineral and anti-oxidant properties found in marine algae.  Karpati Signature Facials involve marine algae products and deliver anti-oxidizing protection to the skin cell layers in their application and absorption.

No matter which treatment you have at our clinic, there is a certainty that your skin will benefit from the anti-oxidants found in our products.

Book your treatment today and benefit from the anti-oxidant properties of the Karpati Natural Skin Care range!



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