Plasma Glow Facial

Plasma Glow Facial

The Plasma Glow Facial is the latest generation treatment that uses low energy Nitrogen Plasma to irradiate the skin and promote a healthy and even complexion with no downtime and results that continue to improve with each treatment. The Plasma Glow Facial targets texture, fine lines, pigmentation, acne, skin tone and skin laxity at the same time. The whole face including the entire eye area (eyelids and dark circles) can be treated. Finish with LED Light therapy included in treatment.

Actions: Cleanse, Hydration Intensive Mask, Low Energy NEOGEN Nitrogen Plasma irradiation (Face & Eyes), Karpati  Natural Cellular Mask with 10 minutes Phonophoresis.

Suitable for: All Skin Types

Time: 60mins – 90mins


Face & Eyes $650 (Incl. LED)

Face & Neck $900 (Incl. LED)

Face, Neck & Chest $1250 (Incl. LED)

Recommendations: Recommended 3-6 sessions spaced 3 weeks apart.

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