Neogen Plasma Eyelift

The Neogen Plasma Eye Lift targets the eye area which is prone to drooping with aging due to loss of elasticity and weakening of the muscles that keep the eyelids open. A soft blepharoplasty is performed with the new generation technology to give surgery like results without any incisions or scalpels. It is excellent for treating dark circles and crows feet at the same time. Choose between a single treatment at high energy which gives results equivalent to a full surgical blepharoplasty within 10 days post treatment or multiple low energy treatments with no downtime, which will produce the same results gradually over time. The lift will continue to improve for up to two years post treatment. The treatment has accelerated healing compared to other treatments available, with the skin acting like a natural bandage during the regeneration process.

Used to Treat: Eyelid Lifting, Dark Circles, Pigmentation, Wrinkles

Feels like: All Skin Types, Acne Prone, Oily, Problematic Skin

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Recommendations: Patients are advised to drink plenty of water before and after the procedure.

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