Ultrasound Local Dynamic Micro Massage LDM

Ultrasound Local Dynamic Micro Massage LDM

Ultrasound technology yields thermal, mechanical and biological effects to stimulate blood flow and activate cell metabolism.   The device uses high-frequency ultrasound with three different frequencies: 1 MHz, 3 MHz and 10 MHz and is coupled with Local Dynamic Micro Massage (LDM) feauture to amplify treatment outcomes.

Ultrasound technology is able to bring about a positive change to skin conditions and to obtain a lasting improvement through its medium and low-frequency modulations resulting in muscle contractions promoting a diffusion process in the cells with an anti-inflammatory effect, accelerating cell regeneration.

Pre and Post Surgical Ultrasound Treatment regenerates the skin, aiding in healing and repair, supporting lymph activation.
Post liposuction, Ultrasound Treatment can aid in the reduction of swelling and tighten the connective tissue, improving laxity in the skin.


Treatment benefits: –

Regeneration treatment for Face and Body
Cellulite Treatment
Stretch Marks Treatment and Minimisation
Pre-Surgical Care and Preparation
Post Surgical Healing and Repair
Scar Tissue Repair
Minimisation and Elimination of Localised Pocket Fat



Use To Treat: Pre Liposuction, Post Liposuction, Muscle Relaxation, Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Lymphatic Drainage, Scar Tissue, Pocket Fat.

Feels Like: A localised massage. Conductive gel is applied as per all ultrasound treatments. 

Time: Treatment times vary according to area to be treated and frequency applied.

Price:  $150-$450

Recommendations: Depending on treatment type, a course of several treatments may be recommended. Your Therapist will advise. Packages available.


Clients are advised to schedule appointments in advance.